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Families with children as young as 3 years old can enjoy the splashy waves of the lower scenic Wenatchee River with our family floats and river trips! Begin the adventure with Osprey's private beach BBQ, where you can relax in hammocks by the river and roast marshmallows for s'mores around the fire pit! Please call our office or book through our website to reserve your FUN FAMILY RAFTING TRIP!

What to do 2 hours before your family rafting trip:


Tour the Pioneer Village at Cashmere's Historic Museum! Discover what life was like for the Native Americans and Pioneers in the Cashmere Valley. The museum offers a fun and educational treasure hunt for children, and a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy learning about the local and regional area. Visit for more information.


Tour the beautiful Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery located along the scenic Icicle Creek. Talk with the hatchery staff, learn about fish species raised and see thousands of young salmon in raceways and ponds. Also enjoy the one-mile Icicle Creek Nature Trail. This fully accessible, non-strenuous loop trail offers a rare opportunity to see fish and wildlife in their natural environment.


Huck’s Adventure Family Float (May-July)

We pair this with promoting a visit to the Cashmere Valley Museum

Icicle River Scenic Family Float

We pair this with promoting a tour at the Fish Hatchery and the self guided nature walk on the interpretive trail.


Beach Party  (August-Early September)

Come hang on the Wenatchee River with us here at Osprey. We will have Rafting, Inflatable Kayaking, Stand up Paddle Boards, Bocce Ball, Beach Balls, Water Toys, and an awesome swimming area for you to relax and enjoy the water.  Bring your kids to experience a life changing event, Seeing a huge Salmon (up to 3 feet)!! This will bring a smile to your children and will prove to be their favorite part of the float. When the kids see these fish in the water their faces light up. Their excitement will travel to you as a parent and give you a nice high point for the vacation. Ohhhhhhh and don't forget to look for the Osprey golf balls at the bottom of the river for a chance to win a free rafting trip on the Tieton River!!

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4th of July Float

Create memories that will last a life time, We meet at the nest or at walla walla park, We drive you to huck's landing for a BBQ and live music,  After we unwind from the day, eat some food, enjoy the music,Play games and wait for sundown, we then load up in the rafts and navigate gentle water all the way down to the  columbia river confluence,  where we pull over and enjoy the fireworks, half way through the show we load up again and drift right under the fireworks. then continue to walla walla park Where we either  load back in our buses and come back to the nest. or be back at your Car. The more glow sticks the better, this trip is for all ages We recommend having the little ones take a nap or at least take it easy most of the day same with Parents spending all day in the Sun and then joining this trip can be a little much since we usually get back around midnight.  Book early this trip as limited space and to make things even better this year  4th of July falls on a full moon.


Paddleboarding and Kayaking on the Columbia River

Learn to paddle around Walla Walla Lagoon in Wenatchee or workout and paddle the Columbia river!



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