Osprey Favorites

The owners of Osprey have lived in Leavenworth since 1972. It was a small logging town just barely beginning to transition into a Bavarian Tourist town. All the streets were dirt and the train came into the village to pick up the fruit.  In the warm weather, you could catch a glimsp of a fruit tramp riding the rails.  Leavenworth was a very small community and everyone knew each other. Without the support of the community a business would not flourish.  We started our business in our backyard with the help of our 4 children and the support of our neighbors. Osprey has a strong sense of community here and we still believe in supporting each other. The business community has grown and with it our involvement and friendships have as well. There is something for everyone here. Below is a list of some of the businesses we work with and frequently visit. Enjoy your stay in Leavenworth!

Ducks & Drakes 

Wok About Grill  (Mongolian Barbecue)

Baroness Cellars

Dan's Market



Posy Handpicked Goods

Whislepunk Ice Cream

Leavenworth Zip Lines

Leavenworth KOA

Icicle Village Resort & JJ Hills Fresh Grill

Icicle RV Park

Fresh Burger


Blewett Brew

Good Mood Food

 Icicle Brewing Co. & Munchen House

Bavarian Bisto