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BOOKING IS OVER FOR 2024. We have partnered with River Recreation FOR ALL WHITEWATER TRIPS.  When you book thru our website you will be transferred to the River Recreation booking page.
The Wenatchee River is the most popular river rafting trip in the state of Washington for a few very simple reasons: in the spring, when the river is high, the white water is awesome and the waves can be towering. 
In the summer when the river mellows, the weather is hot, the rapids are still fun and it can be traveled by inexperienced paddlers from 8 years on up. 
(We request your child be 12 years of age during High Water Season.) 
Something to bear in mind…the most reliable time of the year for big wave whitewater rafting is May and June. Later in the season is best for family raft trips.
A Leavenworth river rafting journey is a great introductory raft trip for those who know they'll enjoy the 'rollercoaster' waves that make up the Wenatchee River's rapids and who aren't afraid of getting wet. The Wenatchee River is fourteen miles long, the majority of which is flat water, and the rapids are Class III white water that never disappoint. 
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Meet Time: 
Sunday - Friday 12 Noon, Saturday 9am & 1:30pm
3-4 hrs
Class III
Age Limit: 
10 years +