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Raft guiding is one of the best jobs in the world it can take you all over the globe and introduce you to so many different cultures and places. Becoming a professional raft guide can take a few years but We can promise you that the journey is the best part.

Osprey Rafting is the premier company for rafting excursions on the Wenatchee river. As the only rafting company located in Leavenworth, we are able to give guests experiences that no other company in the valley can offer. Our exclusive put-in location gives us the opportunity to run the only Class IV rapids above the commercial section of the Wenatchee: Triple Shot and Tinley Falls. Osprey's trips end at a private beach take out with live music on Saturdays and a barbeque lunch for guests and guides.

As the local guide company in the valley we have developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the river as well as deep roots in the community, something that we can share with every new guide. With our training, we can help you become a top caliber guide while getting to experience the thrill of running the state’s most sought after whitewater. Osprey guide trainees also have access to leading industry discounts on all of your river gear. Each year we open our doors to newcomers who would like to learn the art of river running. We promise to teach you the safest way to enjoy one of nature’s most exhilarating challenges, a skill that can take you all over the globe in search of adventure.

Osprey River Guide training teaches the necssary skills to navigate class III, IV, and V whitewater rapids, River Rescue techniques, and invaluable life skills with employment opportunities upon completion. This intense 6 weekend course contains above and beyond state requirements to become a professional river guide. Students will achieve first aid and CPR certification prior to Check-off and becoming eligable for employment. Our guide orientation begins in April and ends sometime in May, concluding with a “Check-Off Run” where you will take your first crew down the river as a competent guide.

Whitewater raft guiding is a fun, challenging way to experience nature, meet people from around the world and develope lifelong friendships all while earning a paycheck.

Come explore the river with us and experience the life-changing world of whitewater. 

Please Contact our office for further details.  509-548-6800

We are offering 1 class:

  • Starting the 1st weekend in April 8am to 6pm for six weekends. 
  • The official class is 8 days then we require 4 more days of shadowing with 4 different professional guides.
  • The cost of the course is $500.00
  • A 50% deposit is required to secure your spot.

Most people who go through the class are interested in working but We will accept applicants who just want to learn how to safely run the river, each day includes approx 3 hours of dry land instruction and practice as well as up to 6 hours on the river We expect our candidates to prepare themself's for cold water and possibly cold air as well,  We will provide you with wet suit's and foot wear, We reccomend you bring a few layers made of fleece, polypro, llama, wool, just about anything but cotton.

  • The first day of class is treated like a regular trip so that all candidates can learn how to work as a crew and conserve as much energy as possible so that we can actually stear the boats.
  • Teaching your crews effective paddling is the only way to guide.
  • The next 7 days, we will teach you everything you need to know, this can be a little overwelming but it will all make sense when you start your 4 days of shadowing.

Most of our candidates are interested in working for Osprey and we can promise you work on most week ends and some week days on your first year it's probably a good idea to get a second job Which is extremelly easy to do here in leavenworth Wa, the town literally explodes with tourist's and every restaurant and hotel is constatntly looking for workers.

Please don't hesiate to call us for more info 548-6800

When you decide to register we will send you a course schedule and a check off list showing all the areas you will need to be proficient at to qualify for your check off ride.

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