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Thu, 06/27/13

Booyah! Yesterday an earthquake in Der-Town!  We felt the nest rumble under our feet but nothing to fear our boats are safe!  Our nesters are gettting our weekend all prepared for the hot weather approaching so gather up your swim gear, grab your favorite Sun Bum sunscreen & stay wet.  ...

Mon, 06/24/13

THis last weekend was one heck of an Osprey weekend.  Thanks to everyone who came out to play on the river!  Today we are gearing up in the rain and clouds for a successful week and big weekend again!  The pic below is nothing but fun good times on the river!

Fri, 06/21/13

Are you sitting on your couch flipping thru the endless channels on your oversized tv eating frozen Totinos pizza wondering what you are doing with your life?  Better you than us....because we are LIVING LARGE AT OSPERY!  Between Happy Hour Hot Laps good times Monday-Friday at 5o'clock & s'...

Wed, 06/19/13

Rain or Shine, we still play at Osprey!  Our pic of the day was during Happy Hour last night!  We celebrated a customers birthday and then her dad ran right into this wall of whitewater!  After a couple days of rain shower love, the river is going to awesome this weekend!!  Come on out and play...

Tue, 06/18/13

Good morning everyone!  I can hardly hear myself type the Osprey Nest is so busy with excited rafters and guides.  We are excited about life around here and want to share with you the amazing experience of rafting!  This awesome picture was from last night during our happy hour trip!  The water...

Fri, 06/14/13

First of all for the the raft head the cfs is 6169. how bout that!  But I have more important things to talk about.  

We are out doing a photo shoot yesterday with two stud mom's and their kids down in the Estuary in...

Thu, 06/13/13

Hello fellow followers if you havent been rafting this year cancel everything and get on the high water while it lasts.  We are loosing water everyday and want you to have the most memorable and exciting trip possible so hurry up now!

Wed, 06/12/13

It's the pretty wave day picture!  Hope you all have a great day on the river be safe, have fun!

Wed, 06/12/13

We guide,

we surf,

we ride,

we paddle,


Tue, 06/11/13

River love feeling good and wet!  Get your river game on and be cool (literally). It's hot, sweaty, dusty & the only thing that can make you feel better is getting splashed around on the Wenatchee River!  Enjoy the water water today!