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Thu, 04/11/13

Check out this awesome deal and come raft with Osprey!

Wed, 04/10/13

The river is getting big! Come raft with Osprey Rafting Company on the Wenatchee River.

Sat, 04/06/13

Check out some more action shots on our Facebook

Sat, 03/30/13

Raft guide training starting at Osprey next Saturday April 6th!  This 5 weekend course will give you the knowledge, confidence, and certification to become a whitewater rafting guide.  This course is designed for those desiring to learn the skills needed to safely guide whitewater rafting trips...

Mon, 07/09/12

Hey Guys check out Senior Guide Adam Dodson making the hit of the day in the Sufacator! Come get in a Boat the Weather is Hot and the Water is still big at 11,000 CFS which is Unheard of this time of Year!!

Sun, 07/08/12

Hey guys Check out Sophmore Guide Alicia Graduating to the High Adventure giving the Senior Guides a run for there Money! She gets Vert in the Box Car in Tinley Falls!

Sun, 07/08/12

Hey Guys with this Amazing Water Level at 11,000 CFS come get in a Boat!! The Water Level is 85% Above Average right now and with the 100 degree weather it will not Last!!!

Sat, 07/07/12

Hey Guys check out Rookie guide Jessie Watson making it Big in the Suffacator!