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Tue, 05/07/13

The river is getting CRAZYYYYY!!! Come get your rafting game on at Osprey Rafting.  We just had a group of 2 turn into a group of  8 in the matter of minutes.  Those 8 people have got their minds in the rights spot.  Rafting the Wenatchee River!  

Mon, 05/06/13

So it's the beginning of The Happy Wave Beach Club!  You can get your season passes at the Osprey Rafting Co. on the corner of Icicle Rd and Highway 2.  Year passes are $50, and daily passes are $5 bucks.  Yahoo, it's river time!

Mon, 05/06/13

A wonderful warm weekend has brought us super fun rides on the Wenatchee River this week.   It was busy here this weekend with the wrap up of guide training.  Congrats to River Guides!  Today we are looking at some good time river time with Icicle TV.  Come get your whitewater on with Osprey...

Thu, 05/02/13

We have one of our first large floats today!  We are so excited to have our group from National Frozen Foods Corp. floating down the river with Shawn & Gamboni.  We'll keep ya posted on their ride!!

Thu, 04/25/13

CFS levels today 3420u

Mon, 04/22/13

It's a HOT day with a bright blue sky above us in Leavenworth! Get some stylish shade with one of our fun, hip trucker hats! You can find these and more awesome Osprey river swag at our local office/proshop in town on the corner of Highway 2 and Icicle Road!

Thu, 04/18/13

Have you ever explored this cave on the Wenatchee River?! Join Osprey this spring and summer to get up close and personal with all the cool secret river spots!

Tue, 04/16/13

 Good Morning, Washington! It's a sunny spring morning in the town of Leavenworth and our rookie guides are hitting the river for some playboating. We've got commercial trips going out this weekend and...

Mon, 04/15/13

Guide training continued this weekend with full success, as well as some guided commercial trips.

We're getting a...